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Who is Russ Lyman?

I grew up in Utah and made Longmont my home for the last 17 years. In the course of those 17 years I have been working for Level 3 Communications, L.L.C., a Tier 1 Internet Service Provider (ISP); recently acquired by CenturyLink. As a senior network engineer, I'm challenged with the task of building and maintaining complex digital infrastructures which has given me a unique perspective and skillset when it comes to problem solving and growth.

A defining trait for me has been 33 years of persistent employment, demonstrating not only my dedication and work ethic, but also my commitment to seeing things through. Additionally, I have served on the Board of my Home Owners Association, both as vice-president (for 3 years) and president (for 10 years). I'm also a Commissioner on the Board of the Longmont Historic Preservation Commission, a testament to my passion for serving the city of Longmont and its residents.