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What is the most important issue facing the entire city that the council needs to address in the year ahead?

The most important issue facing the entire city is seemingly the same, year after year, and can usually be boiled down to the issue of special interest groups successfully lobbying the City Council for regulations that directly or indirectly violate the individual rights of Longmont residents.  Whether its planning and zoning restrictions that keep entrepreneurs from making the most efficient use of property, or an energy policy molded by whim instead of market forces, the residents of Longmont are just a little less free each time these limitations are codified.  Limitations and restrictions are what we the people give to government, not what the government gives to the people.


What local issues, if any, are particularly relevant to Ward 1?

Oil & Gas extraction from lands that border Ward 1 will continue to be a particularly relevant concern.  The equal treatment of property rights, while accounting for public safety and potential negative impacts like pollution (sound, ground, air) must be considered and negotiated according to the facts.  Abandoned wells and pipelines must be reevaluated by the city, county, and property owners to provide the best assurance that our own wellbeing is not put at risk by accident or negligence.


Are there any examples of city services, programs, or projects that should be scaled back or eliminated, and are there any that should be added or expanded?

As someone who strongly believes in our own ability to know what's best for ourselves, it's critical that we limit governmental authority starting at the local level.  Experience has shown us that un-checked governmental regulations rarely expire or are repealed.  It is for this reason that we need someone in office who will encourage entrepreneurial and local solutions rather than a regulatory one-size-fits-all approach.  Let's put the ownership of our happiness and livelihoods back into our own hands, starting locally.